By plane:

We are 10 kmfrom Fiumicino airportand30kmfrom Ciampino airport.From Fiumicino airportyou can takethetraintoOstiensestationandfrom therethe linetoOstiaLido.Thetrainmore'close tous(reachablebybus08or016)isAcilia

By train:

FromTermini station take theMerto B until Magliana or PyramidPiazzaleOstiense.Fromherethe line toOstiaLido.Thetrainmore'close tous(reachablebybus08or 016)isAcilia.

By car:

CounterclockwisefromLink GRAtakeexit27OstiaCasalpalocco.Take exit 26 Eurandmerge ontoVia Cristoforo Colombo towardsCasalpaloccoOstia.At the street intersection with via di Aciliamove to theright side of Via Cristoforo Colombo toturn rightonViadi Casalpalocco.

By Bus:

a few minutes walk will find bus stops

- 08 : Acilia station

- 016: Acilia station

- 014: Ostia Lido station / Grassi Hospital

- 06: Ostia Lido station / Ostia Promenade

- 709: EUR Fermi metro station / S.Eugenio Hospital/ PalaSport Eur